3.5t ‘Grafter’ range
Our 3.5t ‘Grafters’ have built up a loyal following of customers because they’re tough, rugged and reliable workhorses that can take anything you throw at them. All ‘Grafters’ have Isuzu’s economical 4-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine that produces 150bhp. This is more than enough power for a 3.5 tonner but when you bear in mind these vehicles have been designed with a gross combination weight of 7 tonnes* (they can legally tow another 3.5 tonnes in weight) that’s why it has this engine.

*Driver licence and tachograph regulations may apply.

As a tipper or a dropside the ‘Grafter’ is a very popular choice amongst the construction and landscaping trades. We offer a one-stop shop for these types of bodies and these are fitted on our production line in Portugal. But the versatility of the chassis also means that bespoke bodies such as boxes, curtainsiders, fridges and many other types of superstructures can be fitted and for these we can recommend more local, UK bodybuilders to ensure you get the right truck for your operation.

Finally you have a choice of cabs – a 3-man compact narrow cab, a more spacious 3-man wide cab or even a six-man crew cab.