Isuzu leads the industry in advanced diesel powerplants that meet strict emission standards while offering exceptional fuel economy.

Environmentally responsible and cost-effective, the four clean diesels available for the N-Series also maximize productivity with their outstanding power and torque. Engines and transmissions are carefully matched to assure peak performance in a widerange of operating conditions.

Isuzu is committed to reducing both the environmental impact of its diesels and your running costs.
Our hard-working and established 3.5 tonne vehicles (whether pre-bodied or as a chassis/cab) are part of our ‘Grafter’ range. All vehicles above 3.5 tonnes GVW are part of our ‘Forward’ range. This range covers four weight categories from 5.00 up to 11.00 tonnes GVW.

This global product range has been designed for use in over 170 countries throughout the world. All of the models are proven, reliable products that are sold, driven, used and abused in their thousands day in and day out. Isuzu Motors Japan produces the largest amount of light to medium weight tucks than any other truck manufacturer in the world today and is also the biggest producer of diesel engines. The end result is a range of trucks that are durable, practical and reliable plus they enjoy the highest levels of comfort and safety features.

Safe cabs for peace of mind
Isuzu’s ‘Hexapod’ design cab is strong and robust and meets the world’s toughest crash test requirements. All of our cabs offer practical space, with adequate storage and generous comfort levels. Design features such as low profile doors with slim pillars helps reduce ‘blind spots’, which in turn increases driver confidence and keeps accident damage to a minimum.

EEV – Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicles
Every model uses exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) with Isuzu’s diesel particulate diffuser to meet the latest Euro emission standards – currently Euro 5 – so our vehicles don’t require the use of additives such as AdBlue.

We are entitled to ‘label’ our vehicles EEV because Isuzu diesel engines don’t just meet the Euro standards they’re much ‘cleaner than that.


The overriding design objective at Isuzu is durability. From rough conditions at worksites to the constant operation of in-town route delivery, the N-Series is built for long years of dependable service. The frame is highly rigid for extra strength and safety. Special anti-corrosion treatments and materials provide complete protection against rust. Suspension and braking systems are designed for heavy payloads. With all these features, it’s easy to see why Isuzu N-Series has earned a reputation as the toughest truck on the road today.





maneuverability01The N-Series is equally at ease hauling heavy loads on the highway or making deliveries in town thanks to its exceptional stability, responsive handling and tight turning radius. With an expansive windshield and new jet wiper system, visibility is superb. The meter cluster and lamps are easy to read at a glance, so drivers can keep their eyes on the road ahead. Switches are precisely placed for fingertip operation. Equipped with the optional tilt/telescopic steering wheel and power steering, Isuzu N-Series is ready to meet any driving challenge.





The easy access front panel and tilt cab of the N-Series simplify regular inspection and maintenance, maximizing uptime and extending vehicle service life.The front panel gives quick access to fluid reservoirs for daily inspection; when servicing the engine or transmission, the cab can be tilted forward. Fuses and relay boxes are conveniently located in the glovebox and dash. Quick replacement of parts and long-life components are two more maintenance advantages of Isuzu N-Series.



isuzu_nseries_safetySafety guides every aspect of N-Series design. Drivers and passengers enjoy total peace of mind from knowing they are completely protected by a highly rigid cab and steel door beams. Isuzu N-Series is also designed from the standpoint of preventative safety. Forward, side and rear visibility is excellent due to the large windshield area, under-view windows and mirror system. Standard cornering lamps increase the level of safety during nighttime operation.