7.5 tonne – choice, payload and comfort
Isuzu’s 7.5 tonners are at home in both rural and urban environments. Its slim cab and folding mirrors provide safe passage through tight spots. Its ergonomic interior, car-like controls, excellent visibility and manoeuvrability guarantee a comfortable driver experience. It’s available with a choice of automated or manual gearboxes, matched to a 4-cylinder 190bhp engine with the option of a 3-man day or 7-man crew cab.

It offers market-leading payload carrying capacity, good fuel economy, easy cross-cab access, reliability and durability – it’s no wonder this model is so popular with customers in small, niche businesses as well as large blue-chip, household-name, fleets.

7.5t horseboxes
If you’re looking for a 7.5t horsebox, the Isuzu N75.190 ‘Easyshift’ ticks all the boxes. We’ve teamed up with specialist horsebox bodybuilder Equi-Trek and we are their preferred supplier of chassis at this weight. Equi-Trek identified that our chassis had ‘the best payload in the market’ and with their body-building skills produce horseboxes that can legally carry up to 4 horses/ponies depending upon their size and weight. But what really makes us stand out from the crowd is that we are the only 7.5t manufacturer to provide an automated gearbox as ‘standard’.

For most people driving a horsebox is not an every-day occurrence so the easier it is to drive the better. Isuzu and Equi-Trek offer the ideal 7.5t horsebox. If you’d like to find out more about Equi-Trek and the products it offers please visit http://www.equi-trek.com.